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HandyGames™ is one of the Top 50 developers 2015!

By March 2, 2015June 28th, 2016No Comments unveils the Top 50 developers of 2015!

Every year, publishes a list of the Top 50 Developers, sponsored by the developer, publisher and tools company Chukong Technologies and the mobile advertising platform Supersonic. The site is honoring the best developers for the sixth time already and we are proud to announce that HandyGames™ made it on this year’s Top 50 developer list! From Helsinki over San Francisco, Tokyo, London and Shanghai to the little town of Giebelstadt in the heart of Bavaria – the list is global and includes mobile game developers from all over the world, showing that the best of the best can be found everywhere. The fact that HandyGames™ shares the list with big names like, among others, Supercell, King, Rovio Entertainment, Ubisoft and Zynga proves that we, as a developer and publisher, continue to grow and become even more successful.

The Top 50 developers of 2015: It’s all about the quality!

In 2014, the mobile games revenue was estimated to be $25 billion. The focus of’s Top 50 developer list for 2015, however, is not on headline financials, but on the quality of the games. HandyGames™ has been making high-quality games from the very beginning and continues to do so, which is surely one of the reasons decided to include us in their list of the best.

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Here’s the full review about HandyGames™:

“One of the few remaining veterans of mobile gaming, German outfit HandyGames thrives thanks to the combination of the high quality of its games and its close cooperation with OEMs and platform holders like Apple, Google, Sony and Samsung. It’s particular keen to seek out new opportunities, which has seen it releasing some of the first games for Android Wear smartwatches – it’s also supporting Apple Watch – as well as being an original Kickstarter support of Ouya. As for its game, they range from pick-and-play arcade titles like Aces of the Luftwaffe to deeper strategy titles such as Townsmen and turn-based strategy game 1942 Pacific Front.”

Thank you to for this honor and of course to the fans of our games! Congratulations to all the other developers on the Top 50 developer list for 2015! You can find the complete list of’s Top 50 Developer 2015 here.